The city of Skopje has made a decision to bid for the prestigious title European Capital of Culture for 2028



Our candidacy for the ECOC 2028 title is based on the strong commitment of all Skopje citizens, it is above citizens' awareness.

City and state institutions, citizens, marginal groups, non-governmental association living European values, wants to get closer to European culture.


  • The Council of the City of Skopje started the procedure for the activities required to nominate the City of Skopje for the European Capital of Culture;


  • The Council of the City of Skopje decided to establish an ECOC Initiative Board;
  • "The Meaning of the ECOC Title and Its Contribution to the Cultural and General Development of the City" international conference;


  • "Towards the ECOC Title" workshop for representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the civil sector active in the field of culture, representatives from the municipalities and the City of Skopje;
  • A promotional brochure was issued;


  • "ECOC – Opportunity for Long-Term Development of the Cities" workshop for representatives of educational, national, local, and independent cultural institutions;


  • "Skopje – Candidate City for ECOC 2028" international conference;
  • A working team of independent experts from the field of culture and sustainable development was formed, which started researching and analysing the application books of the candidate cities and holders of the title;


  • The Council of the City of Skopje adopted the Information for Starting the Procedure and the Necessary Activities for Nominating the City of Skopje ECOC 2028;
  • Skopje2028 Bid Office was established;
  • Skopje2028 Bid Team held a working meeting with the programme team of Plovdiv ECOC 2019 and a working meeting with Leeuwarden ECOC 2018;
  • A workshop for strategic planning of the candidacy of the City of Skopje – an ECOC 2028 city candidate and a workshop for developing the methodology of the ECOC concept, organisational structure and planning the candidacy activities;
  • The first public call for hiring volunteers was published;


  • A series of meetings, conversations and thematic workshops with artists and cultural professionals who have expertise and experience in cultural matters and practices;
  • Part of the Skopje2028 bid team participates in the organisation of "Culture in the Time of Corona" City of Skopje project activities;
  • City’s representatives participated in the opening of Rijeka ECOC 2020;


  • The coordination body Skopje 2028 – ECOC City Candidate was formed;
  • A working visit and signing of a letter of cooperation with the Slovak city Trenčín ECOC 2026;
  • The realisation of an exclusive street art programme in the context of Skopje2028;


  • Personnel reorganisation of the Skopje2028 Bid Team and continuing the intensive cooperation with all cultural stakeholders on creating the concept, programme, and other parts of the application.


  • A new team was formed which intensively worked on the new innovative and creative concept.
  • The endeavors for Skopje2028 are ongoing and thriving. Our dedicated teams and collaborative groups are working tirelessly, harnessing their collective expertise to propel this cultural initiative forward. These efforts are not limited to routine tasks; they encompass a wide spectrum of activities that contribute to the success of our mission.
  • Additionally, our dedicated teams are hard at work crafting diverse and engaging programs. These programs are designed to not only showcase the rich cultural tapestry of Skopje but also to foster cross-cultural dialogue, creativity, and innovation. Each program is a piece of the larger puzzle, contributing to the mosaic of Skopje's cultural renaissance.
  • In summary, our activities for Skopje2028 are marked by collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to addressing challenges and developing outstanding cultural programs. As we progress on this exhilarating journey, we look forward to sharing the beauty and vibrancy of Skopje's culture with the world.