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City of Skopje European Capital of Culture 2028


The title is very closely connected with our moto “Culture over division” and it is indirect expressions of city soft power radiate from the character of the city itself. A culture city is just like a nation, is more than anything else, the culture is a root of many institutions - educational, cultural, and commercial.

Our city is sum expression of civil society, the character of the people and institutions that define the experience of working, multiethnic living and being in the city. These include historic landmarks, artistic and sporting spaces and events, educational bodies, cultural centers such as museums, theatres and public spaces, as well as a range of other activities and institutions that go to make up a country’s cultural heritage. We had always been hives of ambition and activity, explosive expressions of culture, trade and economy. The more open and inviting, the more cosmopolitan and modern city we can be. The benefit of our international connections, it can become increasingly effective in sparking or strengthening international cultural relationships.

We are chosen direction to be European City of Culture2028.