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The city of Skopje has made a decision to bid for the prestigious title European Capital of Culture for 2028


Skopje with his historical name Scupi is the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia. Skopje with his cultural character and heavy heritage shaped over the centuries through the intertwining and permeation of various ethnicities and cultures. The city has been a centre of free thinking, bold ideas and radicalism throughout history and also is a hub of the culture, science, economy, politics and administration.

We see the title ECOC as the platform "ultimate goal" for gathering progressive social forces and Skopje to become a liveable European city. In this sense, all the application elements – conceptually, organizationally, financially, etc. – are designed to preserve the ECOC legacy, considering that political support is crucial in providing the financial resources needed to establish and maintain lasting positive change.


The Canyon covers an area of around 5.000ha and is located 15km south-west of Skopje. By its morphogenetic characteristck, it is a breakthrough gorge. Krastic form deserve particular attention here-ten caves with their length ranging between 20 and 176 meters and two vertical chasms with adepth up to 35 meters. Matka was one of the largest refugial centres during the glacial period resulting in the presence of high number of relic and endemic plants, 20% are endemic or relic spices. Among Tertary relics, the most significant are the kosani voilet and natay’s ramonda (Ramonda natalie). It is also important to mention that there are 77 species of Balkan endemic small butterflies in area of Matka Canyon, while 18 other spicies are new to the science.


Situated in the canyon of the Treska river, about 12 km northwest from Skopje. The center has adequate capacity for organizing kayak-canoe competitions (the water flow is 18m³/sec). The center offers changing rooms, toilets, restaurants, offices and a camping site. Here was the first word championship in kayakon wild eaters.


Treska Canyon is the most important alpine-climbing center near Skopje. The climbing season in Matka begins in spring, somewhere around the Easter holidays when visitors come from the countries all over Europe. The season continues in summer and fall until the end of November.